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Dear Members,

Thank you for electing me as President of your Society! We are a budding society, and it is on our shoulders to put it on sound footing to harness the art of shoulder surgery in India and south-east Asia. Shoulder is a neglected joint, and it is widely believed that one has to live with the problem. For an average physician all painful shoulders are ‘Frozen shoulders’, and such cases are left to patient’s mercy with an advice that it will recover in due course. The fact is that a lot of these cases turn out to be rotator cuff disease and other treatable conditions.

Arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder has brought in a revolution in diagnosis and treatment of shoulder diseases. It is already being practiced in most big cities, and has to percolate to smaller cities. We got to teach the art to our next generation.
Shoulder Arthroplasty, still has not been accepted by masses, being thought as something which is in developing stage. I am sure as more and more surgeons doing it, and giving good results in the community, its acceptance will improve.

A lot needs to be done in promoting cost-effective methods such as ultrasound in diagnosis of shoulder problems, and we have to work towards ensuring that we orthopaedic surgeons can effectively use this technology to benefit our patients.

We are a small group of surgeons with special interest in shoulder, and the responsibility of spreading the knowledge on care of the shoulder rests on our shoulders. My appeal to members of SES is to enthusiastically spread the knowledge of shoulder and elbow surgery amongst orthopaedic surgeons by regularly organising CME’s and workshops.

Also, please be liberal in giving your ideas as to how we can progress further to achieve our goal of improving shoulder care in our country.

J. Maheshwari